Done For You

$499 Done For You Special

We're looking forward to getting you set up and running! Below is a list of the items that are most important in getting your account set up. Although this list is considered the essential items to get you started we are ready to get as complex as you would like. Our Certified Training Partners are Mailbox Power experts and can help you with any service that you need.


  • Segment & upload contacts into the Mailbox Power platform (CSV or Excel file required).
  • Create groups and the associated "I Need Your Mailbox" links with suggested text and messages.
  • Install and make ready for use up to 5 automations.
  • Brand all automations with logo and contact info. (Automations must be installed from the design catalog, provided by the client, or shared from another user. This does not include building custom automations with custom graphics.)
  • Up to four 1-on-1 phone calls, Zoom conferences, or Facetime conferences to onboard and train you on the Mailbox Power platform (calls are limited to 30 min. each).
Done For You
Done For You

Rates & Fees

Below are the set rates and fees that you can expect from our Certified Training Partners. Your Certified Training Partner can facilitate and/or execute on any item listed in the rate sheet after the initial setup.

Certified Training Partner Rates
Hourly system work$100 / hour
Marketing consultation$200 / hour
Coordination$50 / hour
Certified Training Partner Fees
Segment & upload contacts$100 / hour
Creating an automation$50 / configured shipment
Branding an existing automation$15 / configured shipment
Vendor Rates
Graphic artist$100 / hour
Creative writer$150 / hour
Integrations expert$250 / hour
Video creation for QR code$250 / hour
Gifting specialist$100 / hour


Connect with one of our Certified Training Partners.
  • Andrea Shepherd
  • Kim Pearlstein
  • Laura Ricksecker
  • Brenda Sanchez
  • Bruce Waterman
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Andrea Shepherd

Hi! I am Andrea Shepherd. I specialize in Integrations, marketing, custom designs (I am one of the designers; 'Inspire Referrals') and strategic business development. I understand how messaging paired with a gift can not only increase engagement, but how they can cause a domino effect of new sales & referrals for years to come.

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Kim Pearlstein

Hi, I'm Kim Pearlstein. I love teaching people the marketing tools they can use to help their businesses grow. I specialize in contact management (including segmenting and importing your contacts), messaging/content ideas for cards, and custom designs for cards and gifts (I am one of the Designers; Pearl Designs). Book a free call with me to discuss your needs.

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Laura Ricksecker

Hi! I'm Laura Ricksecker. I am the deeper-dive trainer, so I'm strong in all the tools that Mailbox Power offers such as: Automations, Merge Fields, Custom Links, Niched Mailing Lists & more! My expertise lies in customer engagement, marketing, and follow up for maximum ROI. Book a meeting with me to discuss your particular needs!

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Brenda Sanchez

Hi I'm Brenda Sanchez. I've been with Mailbox Power since the very beginning and specialize in creating custom cards/gifts to meet your budget & automate your sending, pairing gifts with a marketing message, building swag boxes, and teaching & training on how to use the system. Book a free 30-minute consultation today to learn how I can help you.

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Bruce Waterman

Hi I'm Bruce Waterman, I'm a business follow up, marketing, & customer engagement expert. I teach and train the Mailbox Power system for its optimal use using automations and can assist you with everything from importing contacts to managing contact groups to creating custom greeting cards and personalizing custom gifts. Set up an appointment with me to get started!

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